Who We Are

Founded in 1987, The Service Companies has been serving the hospitality, gaming, commercial, education and entertainment industries as the one-stop-shop for integrated staffing, engineering and cleaning services for over 30 years. We know what it takes to make our customers succeed.

The Service Companies – offering a wide range of managed, hospitality staffing, specialty cleaning, and engineering services – is the premier one-stop-shop for services to the hospitality, gaming, commercial, education and entertainment industries, providing service to over 1,500 customers across the United States and Caribbean.

Comprised of Managed Services, Hospitality Services, Specialty Services, and Engineering Services, The Service Companies helps its clients look their best, solve staffing shortages, and perform at high efficiency, while saving valuable resources. Our broad offering and expertise enable us to flexibly tailor our services to the diverse needs of our customers while ensuring cleanliness, safety, and a superior customer experience.

We approach our work with dedication, a keen attention to detail, and a quality standard driven by our “Service Code” that lead to best-in-class results. Service is not just what we do – it is who we are.

We Are The Service Companies.
Service. Above All

Our History

Learn how we became the nation’s premier one-stop-shop for services to the hospitality, gaming and facility services industries.

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Service Code

Our singular focus? To provide our customers with the highest quality service.

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Our Brand

We are in business to make our customers shine while assuming responsibility of their hardest-to-manage departments.

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Our Leadership

With a combined 700 years of leadership and industry experience, our executive and management teams are the best in the business.

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