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The Service Companies’ Engineering Services team provides integrated facility solutions to its hospitality and commercial facilities customers across the United States, with a focus on leveraging technology and strategic vendor partnerships to deliver innovative solutions that improve building efficiencies and client satisfaction.

Engineering Services leverages on-site, on-demand and route based operational strategies that center on protection of key assets and service model designs that are best suited to each client’s unique needs. As a technology-based team, Engineering Services has the ability to redesign current operational strategies, utilizing a more fluid staffing model and performance-focused set of KPI’s. We staff for the need, not the unknown, and deliver maintenance through proactive non-intrusive practices, maximizing labor productivity while reducing fixed overhead cost.


Developed with customer satisfaction and reliability in mind, we use our programming network to design, install, operate, and maintain HVAC systems.

Designed with comfort, reliability and maintenance efficiencies in mind, our service delivery model is based on the needs of our customer’s assets and facility usage. Engineering Services has the capability and the programming network to design, install, operate and maintain HVAC systems regardless of facility size and scale. 

  • Operating Cost Reduction
  • Risk Reduction
  • Asset Preservation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • HVAC Coil Cleaning

Case Study

HVAC Coil Cleaning

Our enzyme treatment process for HVAC systems restores coils to near new, extending equipment life. Designed to keep systems operating at their “peak efficiency,” our solution requires no equipment downtime for process implementation, and the process results in an immediate performance improvement.

Situation OverviewChallengesResults and Current State

Situation Overview

A real estate fund purchased a 45-year old retirement home in Austin, Texas and struggled to keep the residents cool and comfortable during the summer.


This obstacle prompted the owner to explore replacing the facility’s entire HVAC system at a capital cost of $1.5 million. Our HVAC coil cleaning treatment was introduced as an alternative solution.

Results and Current State

We executed a full clean and enzyme treatment of the facility’s entire HVAC system. The enzyme treatment process fully restored the facility’s HVAC system to its original design specifications. The cost of treatment for the entire facility was $50,000. The client saved an estimated $1,450,000, with an additional estimated energy (kWh) savings of $20,000 annually.

Onsite Engineering

Engineering Services utilizes state of the art software and communication systems to design programs specifically geared to the needs of a each customer to extend equipment life, eliminate downtime and maximize ROI.

Our team provides a group of dedicated staff to focus on facility operations and maintenance of the electro/mechanical systems of our clients’ assets. 

  • Proactive Maintenance Approach
  • Dedicated Building Staff
  • General and Specific Maintenance

Route Services

Our route-based delivery service model allows us to address multiple building locations with smaller square footage or minimal equipment systems in a focused delivery model.

Engineering Services’ diverse network allows our teams to adapt to different ownership models to ensure effectiveness and productivity at each facility. With the utilization of our software programs, scheduling, and maintenance control, we deliver cost-effective, professional service strategies that address the needs of our customers.

  • Mobile Predictive / Preventive Maintenance
  • Building Automation and Controls
  • Dedicated Technicians
  • Staffing Coverage

On Demand

With a single call, our client base has access to our network of industry experts to address maintenance needs in a cost effective and professional manner.

Our established network encompasses 25,000+ pre-qualified and insured industry experts to deliver a full service model at an efficient scale of needed service. Consisting of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, glass, locksmithing, and landscaping, our clients receive access to a group of industry personnel, ready and able to respond to emergency and/or normal maintenance needs in a professional manner.

  • HVAC Solutions
  • Construction Projects
  • Restoration Projects
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

Performance Contracting

Engineering Services is comprised of a select group of industry experts with years of experience in the design, maintenance and implementation of operating systems that maximize life expectancy, reduce energy consumption and capture performance improvement.

  • Solar and LED Solutions
  • Energy Storage
  • Federal and Abandonment Tax Credit and Rebates
  • Guaranteed Saving – Solution Modeling and Product Development

Preventive Maintenance

The Service Companies offers its commercial facility and hospitality customers a technology-driven preventive program managed by our team of engineers from start to finish. Our hotel, casino and resort offering includes a rooms PM and inspection process as well as back of house preventive maintenance programs.

We have partnered with ANGUS ANYWHERE for preventive program discipline. Features of our program include:

  • “At a glance” view of real time service level conditions, routing and escalation
  • Work order life cycle tracking
  • Pre-configured billing rules
  • Mobile and paperless dispatch
  • Integration with many A/R systems

Learn more about our Preventive Maintenance strategies here.

Case Study

LED Lighting Retrofit

Our lighting retrofit partner utilizes new “plug and play” technology driving estimated savings of 25 – 40% in specific applications.

Problem and RequirementsSolution

Problem and Requirements:

The Department of Energy building required a full site retrofit. Requirements for the job included USA made products, real-time onsite support, a strict construction schedule, recycling, offsite product storage, no deliveries to building and construction equipment for subcontractors. The project size was an estimated $1 million.


The entire site was renovated from fluorescent 4’ tube lights to plug and play LED bulbs. The project included new controls for the lighting system management team. The renovation generated 40% in energy savings.

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