Our Training Programs

At The Service Companies, we believe training is crucial to the success of both our associates and our customers. Our training programs have been designed to be comprehensive and to provide our associates聽with both the technical skills and philosophical understanding that distinguish us from other service providers as the provider of choice for the hospitality industry.聽

Each service segment has its own unique training program that stems from years of experience in the gaming, hospitality and facility services industries.聽

Managed Services

Our Managed Services segment recognizes the importance of making our associates feel prepared for their new roles. We invest in proper training and development at all levels to improve skills and provide opportunities for advancement.

New Associate Training

Each member of our team will complete a comprehensive training program, created by nationally renowned operations professionals. A training portal, complete with access to an array of resources, position checklists, procedures and step-by-step training guides, will bridge learning gaps and ensure new associates are prepared for and understand the responsibilities and best practices of their new role.


SHINE Training Program

We know that our associates are an essential part of each guest’s overall experience. That is why we developed our SHINE Training program. The acronym, SHINE, is based on the following principles: Smile, Humility, Integrity, Navigate, and Excellence. Each SHINE principle serves to enhance associate performance and promote positive interactions between associates and our internal and external guests.


Emerging Leaders Program

Our Emerging Leaders Program was developed to give individuals within our team the opportunity for career advancement and to practice the “N” in SHINE – navigating a career at The Service Companies. The 6-month boot camp-inspired program allows current associates to learn the technical and management skills to fulfill their succession planning. Upon successful completion of the program, the participant will be promoted to the next leadership role.


Management Training Program

When it comes to our Management Team, we’ve pulled out all of the stops. Each leader graduates from our rigorous 30-day boot camp, an intensive training program that covers all of our main service offerings, as well as the latest in management theory, planning, and process flow.



At The Service Companies, it is part of our culture to come to work to make our customers shine. Our SHINE Campaign was developed to enhance associate engagement and performance and to promote positive interactions between associates and our internal and external guests. It is based on the following principles: Smile, Humility, Integrity, Navigate and Excellence. The SHINE Campaign includes the following programs.

SHINE MetricSHINE on BoardPartner in SHINESHINE TrainingSHINE on YouSHINE on Shift

SHINE Metric

The SHINE Metric is a reporting mechanism that ensures each property utilizes best practices and standards to retain associates.

SHINE on Board

A 9-step onboarding process that includes the collaboration of our Human Resources and Operations teams so that we can best prepare new team members with Welcome Training Packets and exceptional new hire experiences.

Partner in SHINE

Each new associate is paired up with a “Partner in SHINE,” who engages, inspires and guides our new associates by promoting our SHINE Training values. Tenured associates, who are appointed as Partners in SHINE and have an active role in the onboarding of new associates, do so as part of a career development plan.

SHINE Training

A component of the SHINE on Board process – SHINE Training – is designed to train associates on the importance of the internal and external guest experience and their own professional growth. Associates are trained on our SHINE principles (Smile, Humility, Integrity, Navigate, and Excellence).聽

SHINE on You

Shine on You is our companywide recognition program that highlights and rewards associates who SHINE and do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

SHINE on Shift

SHINE on Shift is our companywide weekly internal communication that shares pre-shift topics and showcases best practices, employee engagement activities, and company news.

Hospitality Services

We believe that the best trained staff is the most prepared to serve your restaurant, business, or facility. That is why we ensure that our staff is given a variety of opportunities to enhance their level of service through training programs offered in-house and through our partners. Each training program has the ability to travel with associates, no matter where they decide to take their career in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Academy

Hospitality Academy is our in-house program designed to equip current servers with new skills and train those that are not familiar with front-of-house processes. During the three-hour course, students will learn about server-specific language, bar backing, tray passing, heavy tray carrying, wine knowledge, full wine service training, table service/serving etiquette, a variety of serving styles, dishwashing, and lead training. Hospitality Academy is free of charge for all staffing associates and is held on an as-needed basis.



Through our partners TIPS and TEAMS, we are able to offer associates the opportunity to become a certified bartender or server in the field of serving alcohol. A TIPS certification or TEAMS training helps workers avoid serving alcohol to minors, gives customers improved service, serves as a resume builder for associates, and reduces the risk of alcohol-induced human tragedy. Classes are announced when trainers are in the area or can be scheduled upon request.


Food Handler’s Card

Through our partnership with eFoodHandlers, The Service Companies is able to offer food handler’s cards to our associates at a discounted rate. After signing up with a staffing manager, associates are able to take the class online and learn about basic food safety. Once the course is complete, associates receive a certification card. A food handler’s card ensures that our associates understand proper food handling, food safety and how to prevent foodborne illness.

Specialty & Engineering Services

Our in-depth training programs within our Specialty Services and Engineering Services’ divisions are unparalleled. We have established ourselves as the industry leaders in safety and cleanliness through the use of industry expertise and the latest technology platforms.